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Today, I pulled myself away from work at 6:40pm. I was in a very creative and productive zone… As soon as the clock hit 6, my internal maternal clock started ticking. Gotta go. Gotta get home in time to bathe him. It’s the only time we have together- well not really, I dress him in the morning and give him his morning bottle and put him back to bed for his morning nap. But bath time is our time. I then give him his evening bottle, after putting him in his PJs (maybe singing to him, having some fun laugh and explore time) and then I put him to bed.

Even with all that I feel like I missed something. He's crawling all over the house. He bumped his head today, missed that too. (Kinda happy I missed it, but sad I wasn’t there to comfort him.) Our priorities change. Being home is so important. Not missing things is important. Being his mommy is the best thing I have ever, EVER done. Truth is that as more time passes, it kinda of becomes ok to stay at work a little later, I must keep reminding myself- my priorities are important and FAMILY is my number one priority. Time with him at this age is limited. Time is flying by, I better enjoy it.

Do you struggle with time, work and the possibility of missing things in your work or family life, like I do? Share how you overcome it.

Thanks for reading!

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