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The New Mommy Embraces Change

This little boy changes every day. His routine, no matter how routine it becomes it has changes, adjustments. Everything from the reason he spits up, “maybe cause he goes upside down right after he eats or maybe cause I raised him over my head…?” to his bed time routine… everything changes and he is growing so much and so fast. Change has always been difficult to adjust to, but I have always embraced it. I will admit that this is the most difficult it has been to adapt to, seeing as how his needs change daily, hourly and even minute by minute. The things he liked 3 weeks ago, may be completely forgotten. When he was born and I found something he liked, I used to think “this must be something he experienced in the womb and he got used to, for example a certain way he would lay down and cuddle, or the loud dog barks he doesn’t even react to, must be something he was used to and now as an adult, didn’t mind. Now, at 3 months, I don’t quite think he is experiencing things he did when in the belly. I am thinking he is now developing his own likes, even at this young age.

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