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Living the Pandemic Life - For Real!

After living in quarantine since March 16th, I thought it couldn't get any worse. The worse thing that could happen, is that we get sick. Well one of us is sick and we do not know if he is positive for Covid, so for now, he is in quarantine, which means Cinderelli does the cleaning, the cooking, the children, the organizing, the socializing, the everything and this mom is exhausted.

It's definitely no picnic for him in the bedroom. The first few days I felt like we had a bomb in our bedroom, it can make us sick at any time, and we must stay away. Then, things got more busy, so I had to stop thinking of the possibility of getting sick and just worry about the actual doing of things. No doubt, I have more grey hair. More wrinkles. More stress pimples. Yes, even your favorite skincare consultant gets pimples. I also have less sleep, less time to eat an uninterrupted meal and lets not talk about going to the bathroom - its like the dogs and kids are in kahoot, they know when its my 3 minute bathroom break and all start crying, barking and requesting at the same time.

The best part so far- or shall I say the most stressful yet, awesome, yet difficult yet wonderful part- managing my amazing 5 year old. He is awesome. But getting to the age where he is testing me. He wants to do what he wants to do and that is definitely frustrating. It is my own character pointing right back at me. I used to be like this with my parents- I dont know if I was at 5, I will have to ask.

Last night, I put him in bed. Of course, he got out of his room, and came to his brother's room where I was rocking baby brother to sleep. I told him to go back- he didn't, but he did close his bedroom door to make me think he had gone to bed. After 10 minutes or so of a super cranky baby brother, I thought about changing his diaper. As I am changing his diaper, in comes big brothers, with the palm of his hands completely orange saying "Look mama at the beautiful thing I did- look at my hands" Oh my. The beige walls, are they now full of orange little hand prints? How about my off white tablecloth, is it orange too? Oh no... and he is so proud of himself and I am yelling at him. He has no clue what he thinks is beautiful is bad. Let's hope he used a washable marker. Where did he get this marker, oh crap.

Luckily it all turned out ok. Nothing was orange, just his beautiful hands- and it turns out he was drawing me a beautiful drawing under the dinner table and he got distracted and started painting his hands orange and that is how we got to where we were. the drawing is on the fridge. The orange came off his hands. He went to sleep (finally!) and so did baby brother. Mom worked for another hour and then went to sleep too around 1am.

The pandemic is no joke. We are privileged. We haven't been furloughed, laid off or lost wages or hours. Those who are struggling are really struggling, I get it, but this illness has us pinning us against each other- on social media, in real life, everywhere. Are you pro-mask or anti-mask? OK, depending on your answer, we will be friends- so answer carefully. (sarcasm) But really this is all nuts.

To me this isn't political. But we have turned it that way and I wish we hadn't.

Luckily, as this blog post was on draft-mode, my hubby got his results. Negative. Hugs and kisses everywhere and then the uncertainty of "What if the results were wrong?" More worry,

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