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A Kind Podcast

My friend Marly Q. has started a podcast. Something that I am pretty sure a million friends told her to do before she started it and I was one of them. I also told her to write a children's book and I do hope that comes soon, so my little ones can read it. I digress- so I called Marly and said- how can I support you? She was ready with her whole "shpeal" and I was soon one of her first Featured Guests.

The episode rolls out on July 22nd, 2020! Say What? This is so special for me- for a few reasons:

  1. I get to support a fellow mompreneur

  2. I am investing in her and in myself and my business, which I truly believe in and love so dearly! As a consultant for the number one skincare line in the US, Canada and Australia (yes, you read that correctly!) I am investing in myself to share with a wider audience all about my beloved side-gig.

  3. I get to practice a few things I love, a) chatting with a friend, while b) broadcasting (hello undergrad degree) to the world my skincare tips- with a little help from the super smart Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields.

So if you will, please join me for episode 17, featuring yours truly on the Time To Be Kind Podcast, hosted by Marly Q. If you know me, you know I love giving away gifts in hopes of making friends happy... so readers... I am giving away samples of our microdermabrasion paste, to anyone that listens and can tell me one of the skincare tips I shared during the podcast... Be sure to stop by my instagram post about the podcast to leave your comment! YEP! I am quizzing you but you get a FREE gift!, plus, when you listen and leave a kind comment on Marly Q.'s itunes, you will be entered to win some of my favorite Rodan + Fields Essential products (Self tanner, Lip Balm, Body Moisturizer & Sunscreen with spf 50 for face & body, valued at $115.00- By the way the SPF is is sold out- cause it's that good!

Thank you for reading my blog and for listening to Marly Q's awesome podcast! Be sure to follow me on social for daily posts and updates.

With Love (and kindness), Betty

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