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Things You May Not Know About A Baby Boy

1) Baby boys have projectile poop. You thought I was going to say vomit or spit up. Nope- its poop and pee! No, its not fun and let me tell you, I’ve asked myself how come it only comes to me. Daddy never gets the poop, never. But I do. So how do we move forward? You grin and bare it.

2) Some boys like the Nose-Frida. At least mine does. As long as I calm him before I use it, meaning he isn’t crying when we start using it, he’ll usually giggle through it

3) Making funny sounds for everything will keep babies (at least mine) cool, calm and collected- even when they hate what is happening.

4) Boys and girls lactate in their first few months. It’s totally normal. But note you aren’t suppose to squeeze the milk out (my doctor did and we freaked a bit). But you will feel like he has boobies for the first few months- again totally normal.

5)They laugh and cry all in the same minute. It’s normal.

6) Circumcisions are suppose to take 2 weeks to heal. some take more others, less.

7) Babies in general are made of rubber, its kinda how they are able to exit mommy’s body. so for the most part he may be able to place his foot behind his head and eat his own toes.

8) The soft spot freaks us all out,… what if he gets hurt? be gentle, but to familiarize yourself with it start by brushing his head. This will force you to touch and get him used to getting his hair brushed.

9) To freak you out even more, babies have 2 soft spots- one on the top of his head and one in he back. the one in the back closes much faster than the one on top.

10) Baby boys play with their penis pretty early in life…its natural & normal, but they may do it by like month 4 or 5. They haven’t the slightest clue of what they are doing, but they do it.

As I learn more, I will share here. Feel free to share some things you’ve learned mommies of boys.

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