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Change is the Only Constant

The little boy changes every day… more smiles, more giggles, spit up, no spit up, naps, maybe he naps. Every day there is change. The routine has luckily remained, he wakes, eats and naps every 3 hours. His teething is making things a little tougher, but he is just so special- every day making mommy and daddy practically drool from how adorable he is. He is semi crawling now, quite surprising. I don’t know quite when I thought that was going to start happening, but I didn’t think it would be happening yet.

I will share that parenting, co-parenting specifically is the most difficult thing I have ever done. Sleeplessness nights, yes there were some, luckily we got him out of that habit by month 3. Working and mommying are two very difficult things to maintain. Multitasking although comes naturally, is nearly impossible. Even if you are at the office, your brain may travel to your husband and your child. When you are with your child, your brain goes to work and the many things to do there.

The hardest part of this is the guilt. You want to be there with your family, you want to treasure every instance, but its just not possible. You want to be the perfectionist, detail oriented professional you have been in your past life, but that life seems to never have been.

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