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Feeding A Baby

Feeding a baby. I never thought it would ever be difficult. Ever.

I thought he would be hungry and would open his mouth and nurse. Not my little happy bugger. He kicked away my breast at a week. So although I tried and tried, he’s always been bottle fed. There was one special time when he nursed, I was able to video it. I am happy I did, it may seem odd, but it was a special bonding time we had.

I thought feeding him solids would also be easy. The first few days were a bit rough, but now he is a pro. But it still gave us a run for our money… simple little things to watch out for… if he’s not fully sitting up, don’t be so firm on having him/her on a high chair. Our babysitter suggested putting him in a swing chair, luckily we have one and he eats like a pro on the swing. Luckily we are feeding him cereal in the morning and fruit in the afternoon and he loves fruit. Yay for bananas! Today we’ll try apples.

I think the hardest part was the pediatrician. He was giving us instructions on how to start this process, but was a bit rude on the delivery as I asked questions. “Hold on, I’ll get there”. Well after saying that 3 times, I stopped asking questions. He never got there by the way. At the end he referred us to not a bad site, but one we knew about already and one that doesn’t have all the answers. I know no one has all the answers, but first time parents, don’t know and should ask.

For now my questions remain. How do we know when to feed him bigger portion of solids. The milk amounts have decreased like the doctor indicated, especially in the evening. But we are only giving him a table spoon (1.5 ounces) of cereal and 2 ounces of fruit in the afternoon. As he ages, how do these numbers increase. I know he still needs milk, he gets it in his other feedings too. Feel free to comment below, parents :)

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