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Everything changes. I usually embrace change, but my little boy has discovered the power he has when he cries. I put him down in his crib as I have for the past 7 months. He usually moves around, talks, hugs his bear and plops down to sleep... over the weekend he had a tiny cold- he still has some minor symptoms but for the most part its gone. Well he discovered that when he doesnt feel well, he can yell and mommy or daddy will go help him. This now means cry and yell until I cannot breath. Mommy loves it.

After an hour, Ed decided to take him out to the living room, where he played in the pack and play for about 25 -30 minutes. Then I decided we were going to try again... and he cried for 5-10 seconds and started his play routine and within minutes he was out. Interestingly, yesterday he played and crawled a bit more and he went out while he was drinking his bottle. I know its part of parenting but hearing his crying, in that manor, so strongly, with little breaths, just so difficult. I tried holding back... but I just couldnt ultimately, it kills all parents, I am sure, but I couldnt leave him there, gasping for air with every tear and scream. It destroyed me. Thankfully he is sleeping with the angels now and all is right with the world. I will make triple sure to wear him out tomorrow.

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