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Business Re-Launch

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Infused with new energy from our very crafty Disney Cruise, I have decided to re-launch my dear crafty business. With a new name, reviving my etsy business and creating a brand new website and more than 4 new sales in a week, its officially Re-Launch time!

My old business name doesn't work- kind friends have told me they were confused about whether my crafts were for those who were dieting. Therefore I laid down "The Crafty Dieter" and thought of another name that was more me and simpler. I have always been a fan of my initials and one day playing around with bbn on photoshop, I quickly realized BBN had to be a part of it. I patiently waited a little longer and creations came to me.

My crafts are the same, personalized banners, wreaths, invitations, favor tags and more. Now, I also create personalized shirts, mugs, coffee "to go" cups and my favorite mason jars.

Happy shopping to all and many thanks in advance for supporting my businesses.

PS. As a mompreneur, I am so proud of myself for having two "side-gigs", I couldn't dedicate the time to these businesses if it weren't for the love and support that I get from my husband, family and friends. #LuckyGirl #BuildingAnEmpire #WatchOut

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