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To Do More

Today was Day 1 of our Rodan and Fields convention. It was only a travel day for me, but it was an important day, after all if you never get here, then you never get here! Last year at this time, we talked about Vegas as the next city for our convention. We talked about coming and how much you get out of it. I am not that type of person to say "I am going to do XYZ" and then not actually do it. But a year later, I can honestly say, I really didn't think I'd come. As you know, at the time I had a one year old and leaving him was not something I thought I could or wanted to do. Things change. Although leaving him and his amazing daddy is not something I want to do, it has to happen. See, I want to learn more, become more comfortable with this business. I want to continue growing my team. I want to take the time to learn from our leaders and I want to soak it all in so I can share it with my small yet mighty team. We always want to do more, at least I do. I came out  here because I know there is more I can do to be even more successful in this awesome business. I took a leap a little over a year ago, because I wanted to have extra pocket money for the extras life throws our way. That reason has changed. For now,  I sign off sharing that I want to do more... learn more, professionally develop more,  network more, helping my friends see the light about these fabulous products and business, lead more, serve more, strategize more, sell more, grow more, be more.

Can't wait to share everything the next few days have in store for me and my teammates while we are here at the beautiful MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada. For those of you reading this from Florida- stay safe and out of harm's way!  #RFConvention #VegasBaby #HurricaneMatthew #ToDoMore

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