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Is 38 the year that I pull out all the stops? I stop living for what people may think and live for me. Possibly. I have already been known as the one that likes things "my way". Something that I don't necessarily find as a bad thing. See when I was younger, I would be the one that always wanted to drive. A ploy put in my head by my mother and grandmother. You drive in case you go anywhere, where you have to make a quick exit, you get in your car and GO! That for some reason made me feel safe too, so I always insisted, ok, but I drive. My friends always hated my driving skills. I didn't care then and I don't care now.

I've been thinking a lot, A LOT, about what 38 means and how 40 is around the corner. Being the baby of the family, its hard for me to think that I am approaching 40 and whats more I started asking myself if I am where I thought I would be at this stage of my life. I am blessed with a beautiful family. We own our home. I have a job I truly enjoy and I have become my own CEO as a mompreneur, part of a tribe that I passionately love and representing a brand that I honestly so proud of. All good things. But I still want more.

So what can I do in this 38th year of life to get more.

For one, I thought of not being negative. No longer complaining when things upset me. But that is SO not me. If you know me you know that I vent quickly about whatever is upsetting me at this particular hour and then I quickly get over it. Can I actually not even speak about it or share with a colleague what is upsetting me at this particular minute and still get over it? I am really not sure.

Right now, at 38, my husband, three year old and I are all living my parent's house. Last year there was a Hurricane called Irma. Although it didn't do too much damage, it definitely messed up our roof. The results of which were not seen, heard or smelled until about 5 months after the hurricane. When we promptly reported it to our insurance they were SO (not) generous and sent us a $3,000 check. A new roof is what every company said we needed, therefore we need $15,000... then it happened, the floodgates opened, water came in to our home and now we have mold. On a sunny Sunday morning, I woke up shivering with cold sweats and my body aching all over. My husband woke up feeling a bit weak too and a nasty cough and my 3 year old also had a horrible cough. We decided to start sleeping in our guest room and get the house inspected. The mold inspector shared he wouldn't have his family stay there since he found elevated levels of mold. What will they find when they tear the walls and floor apart? I am sure it will be precious. Meanwhile, we have met with several adjusters and now we have decided to go forward with one.

The process of drafting this magical report that goes to our insurance company takes a full month and we are slumming it like Mike and Gloria at the Bruna home.

So that is something I totally didn't think would equal 38.

So as I sit here, I keep forming an idea of what this magical year will be. Would it equal travel? Probably not, right, since we will have this crazy roof/mold situation... well but then, I happen to be going to New Orleans, Syracuse, Charleston and Louisville in month 1 and 2 of this new year. Through work I somehow will visit 4 different cities. Pretty cool.

What else will this year bring?

How else can I share with the world how my awesome side gig works? Well maybe I can have an event at each of these cities? I don't know. But that is definitely something I want to explore and do this new year. Do things a bit differently. Share with more intent. Let everyone know. But how?

What else will 38 be?

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